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Things to buy 

These books are on sale from the BWA at many of the domestic waterfowl shows: See the Events page. 

From its inauguration (as The Waterfowl Club) in 1887, the British Waterfowl Association has continued to play the key role in producing the Waterfowl Standards, from the first Indian Runner Standard of 1901 to this 2008 edition. The new edition contains major revisions in format, terminology, historical information and structure, including graded judging defects and colour genotypes.168 pages, fully illustrated, 200 pictures of all the breeds and colours All the Ducks and Geese in one pocket-sized A5 volume


from the BWA 

Call and Other Bantam Ducks: Anne Terrell, Ian Kay and Chris Ashton
This hard back book covers the history and development of the Call, Black East Indian, Miniature and Bantam Appleyard and Crested ducks. Full of information and tips for the beginner and experienced exhibitor and breeder. Over 100 colour photos of the colours presently in the UK including Yellow belly, Chocolate, Khaki, Butterscotch, Buff and Crested Calls together with others from Europe. 

Available from the BWA  at £14.95 plus postage. UK rates.